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smart capacitor

smart capacitor

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Intelligent combination type low voltage power capacitor compensation installation

1 Genera
Working in a 0.4kv low voltage network, the intelligent reactive compensation installation (intelligent
combination type low voltage energy-saving power capacitor) can reduce line loss, raise power
factor, improve power quality, and is energy-saving. It combines advanced technologies like modern
measurement and control, power electrionics, network communication, auto-control, and power capacitor.
Compared with traditional reactive compensation installations, it is smaller, cheaper, more
cost-saving, more flexible, more convenient to maintain, with less power consumption, longer life
span and more reliability, meeting a higher demand of modern power grid for reactive compensation.
2 Applicaton fields
The capacitor compensation installation offers solutions to improve power factor and increase
power grid efficiency. The main application fields are:
Factory power distribution systems Residential area power distribution systems
Municipal commeicial buildings Tunnel traffic power distribution systems
Box transformer substation, cabinet sets, and outdoor distribution boxes

3 Types and meanings


 4 Normal working and installation conditions
4.1 Ambient temperature:-25℃ ~ +55℃
4.2 Relative humidity:40℃ ≤ 20%;20℃ ≤ 90%
4.3 Altitude:≤ 2000m
4.4 Environmental conditions: no noxious gas and vapour; no conductivity or explosive dust;
no violent mechnical vibration.

5 Main parameters and other conditions

5.1 Measurement error Voltage:≤ ±0.5%,Current:≤ ±0.5%,
Active power:≤ ±1%,Power factor:≤ ±1%,Temperature:±1℃
5.2 Protection error
Voltage:≤ ±0.5%,Current:≤ ±0.5%,Temperature:±1℃ ,Time:±0.1s
5.3 Reactive compensation parameters
Reactive compensation error:≤ Minimum capacitance 50%,Capacitor switching time can be
set between 10s~180s,
5.4 Reliability parameters
Control accuracy: 100%,Permissible switching times: 1 million,
Attenuation ratio of capacitance running time: ≤ 1% per year,
Attenuation ratio of capacitance switching: ≤ 0.1% per 10,000 times
5.5 Mains conditions:

rated voltage:380V±20%;Harmonic voltage: Sine wave, with total
aberration rate no more than 5%;Rated frequency:50Hz/60Hz;Harmonic current:
the harmonic current at the point of common connection must not exceed the standard value
requested by GB/T14549-1993. Power consumption:≤ 3W。

5.6 Executive standards: electric clearance and creep distance, insulating strength,
safety protection, short circuit strength, sampling and controlling circuit all apply to the
corresponding regulations stated in GB/T15576-2008 Low Voltage Combination Reactive
Power Compensation Installation.

6 Specifications and data of main product types


Compensation modes

Type specifications

Capacitor Rated voltage(V)

Rated capacitance




Three-phase compensation





























Phase-splitting compensation

























7 Exterior and mounting size


8 Figure of the product function equivalence 


9. Features

9.1 Modular structure
These modules are:
High quality capacitor + Intelligent measurement and control module + Switching module + Circuit
protection module + Human-computer interface module
With small bodies, these products are easy to connect on the spot and to maintain. Expansion of
reactive power compensation system can be achieved simply by adding modules.
9.2 High quality capacitor
The self-healing low voltage compensation capacitor has a built-in temperature sensor, which
carries out overheating protection by indicating the degree of internal heating.Embedded switching
module: switching module is built in the intelligent capacitor.With the application of combined switch
technology or synchro switch technology, the capacitor is capable of “zero switching”, making
sure that there is no inrush current and switching surge. With quick responding action, the switching
module can be operated frequently.
9.3 Perfect protection design
The product has functions like power-off pretection, short-circuit protection, voltage phase failure
protection, and capacitor overheating protection, which can effectively guarantee the safety of capacitor
and thus expand its life span.
9.4 Advanced control technology
Controlling physical quantity as reactive power, the product employs the technologies of reactive
power flow prediction and delayed multi-sampling, making sure that there is no switching vibration.
Reactive power is fully compensated when overloading.
9.5 Anti-switching oscillation technology
With a unique design principle, the product can prevent uncompensation or overcompensation
caused by controller crash, and capacitor oscillation.
9.6 Auto-compensation reactive power
The product switches automatically according to loading reactive power to compensate dynamically
reactive power and improve power quality.
9.7 Friendly human-computer interface
With this interface, equipment running data like current, voltage and reactive power can be displayed,
and also are the switching state, switching module malfunction state and communication
state. And it can realize functions like adjustment/operative mode switching and manual/auto operation
9.8 It can be used individually or connected with others as a combination to replace the regular
auto-reactive compensation installation, which is made up by wiring among intelligent controller,
fuse, combination switch or mechnical contactor, thermorelay, low voltage power capacitor, and indicators.

10 Comparison with regular capacitors




Regular capacitor-consisted reactive compensation system

Intelligent combination type low voltage power capacitor compensation installation

Reactive compensation installation

Regular capacitor, fuse, combination switch or mechnical contactor, thermorelay, reactive compensation controller

(It can be used individually or connected with others as a combination.)

Control mode

Automatic control or manual control

Automatic or manual control, zero passage switching (auto-control can be workable without controller)

Data measurement

Measuring voltage, current, reactive power and power factor

Measuring voltage, current, reactive power, power factor, and the internal temperature of capacitor

State monitering

Capacitor switching state, over/under compensation state, over/under voltage state

Capacitor switching state, over/under compensation state, over/under voltage state, protection action types, self-diagnosing malfunction type

Protection type

Current cutting, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection

Current cutting, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, capacitor overheating protection, open-phase protection, three-phase imbalance protection

Man-machine interaction

Digital tube and buttons

Displaying interface and buttons, rich information

Installation and use

The elements are sophiscatedly constructed, with a large number of types and quantities.

Concise structure and easy connecting

System configuration and extension

With a one-time investment, the product is designed as a whole. Therefore, it is difficult to adjust compensation capacitance.

As a module design, it is convenient to compensate capacitance and staged investment is available.

Outline and weight

The prodcts are bulky and heavy

Delicately made and lightweight

It can be mounted right inside the power distribution cabinet.

Relibility analysis

with a large number of elements and types.

The product works as an independent system. The exit of a failed intelligent capacitor out of the system does not affect the working of other intelligent capacitors. The system works with a high reliability.

 11 Connection diagram

 For detailed instructions, see the product manual.


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1.Use in the compensation cabinets of State Grid power companies

2. Application of on-site reactive compensation3. Application in compensation boxes like pole reactive compensation box.4. Low voltage comprehensive power distribution box5. Application in sets factories

6. Application in American-type and European-type box transformer substations

7. Application in inspection and extension

8. other



Product lectotype manual 

Instruction manual


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